Premier Supports Local Food Pantries

Local food pantries are always in need of donations to keep the shelves stocked to serve the continuous demand from hungry families. Twelve years ago, two of our brokers developed a simple plan to raise money for food pantries in our home towns. We asked businesses that provided services related to our commercial real estate business to donate $200 per year to those food pantries. In return, we listed them on our company web site as a “Select Vendor”.
This simple idea has generated approximately $36,000 for two food pantries since 2007. Other businesses can copy our fundraising model with little effort, and we encourage them to do so. Call or email us for details.
The businesses who have generously donated to our program for 2019 are:
Cornerstone National Bank
Echo Home Inspection
Flameco Heating
Meyer Signs
Mionx Corp.
Petersen Sealcoating & Paving Inc.
Sansone Accounting & Tax
Vanderstappen Land Surveying, Inc.
Acme Concrete Raising and Repair Inc.
Global Greenovation
Rieke Office Interiors
Vertical Interior Design
We wholeheartedly support, recommend and endorse all of the above fine companies and publicly thank them for their participation. To find any of them, visit our website at
If you have a business related to commercial real estate and want to be considered to be one of our Select Vendors, call Heather Schweitzer. If you just want to make a donation to the food pantry of your choice, we’ll tell you how to make a donation. Cash goes much further than actual food donations.
Giving back in some way to the community from which we derive our livelihood is something we feel strongly about. There are still a lot of families who need our help. Please patronize the businesses listed above and, if you can, please donate to your local food pantry