10/28/13: Pushing a Rock – We’ve Got Our Blog On!

Getting a blog started is something akin to pushing a boulder up a hill. The hard part is getting past the inertia. Once the boulder starts moving, it is easier to keep it moving. We figured out we can’t stand the idea of having a brand new website and NOT have any content on our blog. We hired a marketing company to reinvent our antiquated website, and we think they did a great job. Time will tell!

Search engine optimization is an art and the common business person has to rely on what the experts tell you to do, and hope they knew their stuff. As I said, time will tell. The idea is when people do a Google search or otherwise search the internet for commercial real estate services or properties, Premier needs to show up in the first page, as close to the top as possible. Leads from our website launched in early October are already trickling in, so we know positive forces are at work.

The thing we haven’t been able to harness yet is utilizing social media to market our firm and our properties. LinkedIn seems to have potential, but we haven’t completely figured it out. We are open to your suggestions. In the meantime, I would like to start an online petition to lobby Facebook to add a “dis-like” feature for all the stupid, inane comments people throw at you that are not worthy of their “like” feature. Any merit to that idea? Let us know.